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Your Thanksgiving holiday checklist

Your Thanksgiving holiday checklist


Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away? As the holiday approaches, we are reminded of the many things we are grateful for, with the most important being our family and friends we hold dear to our hearts.  If you haven't yet started your prep, don't panic! To help keep the stress at bay and enjoy this wonderful holiday, we have put together a Thanksgiving checklist:


  • Create a guest list and send out invites to help finalize numbers
  • Plan out your menu including beverages. If trying a new recipe, test it beforehand.
  • Create a grocery list. If shopping at more than one store, separate lists by store. Begin to look for coupons or sales.
  • Purchase freezer bags and extra containers, such as foil dishes for leftovers. This also allows your guests to take food home.
  • Pre-order items such as a centerpiece or fresh turkey.
  • Plan and put up your holiday decorations. Get crafty and make your own where possible – check out Pinterest for inspiration.   
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer to make room for holiday items.
  • Plan what platters and dishes will be used for each Thanksgiving menu item. Label and select each dish by using an index card or another suitable item.
  • Wash and iron tablecloths and napkins. Polish or clean fine china and silver.
  • Arrange to borrow or rent extra tables and/or chairs.
  • Make any items that can be frozen now ahead of time.
  • Plan out kid activities.

This Weekend:

  • Create a schedule for food preparation and baking. Review ingredients needed for recipes and add to the grocery list.
  • Shop for non-preishable groceries and alcohol (if applicable).
  • Begin making ice cubes and store them in freezer bags.
  • Plan the seating arrangement.
  • Clean and organize kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, living room, coat closet, entryway, and guest bedroom.


  • Set the table, place table decorations, and fill salt and pepper shakers.
  • Pick up or purchase fresh ingredients and last-minute items
  • Undertake any last minute housework
  • Plan your cooking schedule for the day


  • Recharge digital camera.
  • Chill drinks and create an area for desserts and beverages.
  • Place full rolls of toilet paper and clean hand towels in all bathrooms.
  • Prepare all side dishes that are able to be made ahead of time and store accordingly.
  • Defrost anything that you made and froze ahead of time.

Thanksgiving Day:

  • Follow your pre-planned cooking schedule.
  • Reheat or warm  items you prepared ahead of time.
  • Restock the beverage and dessert area.
  • Sit and enjoy time with your guests while delighting in all the delicious food.
  • Pack and store leftovers in the refrigerator or prepare containers for guests to bring home leftovers.
  • Clean up… and relax!

Most Importantly, unplug from texting, email, social media, and the computer and appreciate the Thanksgiving holiday with the ones you care about. 

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