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Using Your Agenda Could Help Your Sleep Patterns

Using Your Agenda Could Help Your Sleep Patterns


Money can’t buy you happiness...unless it’s a comfortable mattress, that’s a totally
different story! Although we live in a ‘hustler’ culture that tells us to go, go, and go,
science proves that limited sleep isn’t the key to success. It’s actually detrimental to our
physical and mental health.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), nearly one-third of
American adults aren’t getting enough of sleep! That’s a lot of exhausted bodies.

In fact, humans are the only mammals who willingly delay sleep. It’s simply unnatural!
So, why have we all become so obsessed with working ourselves into the ground? It
has a lot to do with social media showing us bright & beautiful images of those people who seemingly do it all.

They’ve got the business and the kids. They find time to sit on the sidelines of the
soccer game after a hot yoga class. Their house is clean, and well, they look happy. If
they can do it, so can I!

The truth is, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in someone’s life. No one
has got it all the way together, and this constant comparison does more than harm than

Whether you’re raising 5 kids, running a business, or both, getting enough sleep should
be at the top of your priority list! It’s a new year, and you’re ready for all the success,
love, and light that will come your way. It’s the perfect time to get back to basics with
your sleep habits!

If you’re ready to count more Zzzs, you’ll have to take a good look at your habits. And
here’s the kicker, what you do at night isn’t the only thing that affects your sleep

Grab your agenda, buy a notebook, or start your very own sleep journal! Every day,
write down your routine.

This should include:
● What you ate & drank
● The amount of caffeine you consumed
● When you sat down for your meals
● Any prescriptions that you took
● Workouts
● Screentime
● What you did 30 minutes, 1 hour & 2 hours before you laid down
● What time you went to bed
● What time you woke up
● Whether you woke up before your alarm
● Your daily schedule

In the morning, jot down how you slept. Did you wake up numerous times? Did you
stare at the ceiling for what felt like an eternity? Did you sleep like a log? After three
weeks, go back and analyze your entries. What do you see?

You might notice that drinking a cup of coffee after 3 p.m. leaves you absolutely
restless. It could be that working out after dinner allows you to fall asleep as soon as
your head hits the pillow, but working out close to bedtime actually gives you too much

​Every sleep pattern is unique, so it will take a bit of time to find the best routine to fit
your lifestyle! And though it may sound tedious, your sleep patterns have a direct
correlation with your happiness and overall well-being. That means a few minutes of
writing in your agenda each day could create great value in other aspects of your life!
Remember, strong, powerful people know how to work, but they also know when to rest!

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