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The Benefits of Downsizing

The Benefits of Downsizing

Downsizing is the process of moving from a larger to a smaller space.

This can be an emotional time for everyone.

It’s not just empty-nesters & seniors who are downsizing – you can downsize your living situation at any point in your life. And this trend is becoming more common!


Benefits of Downsizing:


Larger homes are:

-more expensive to maintain

- have higher property taxes

-larger utility bills

-more overall maintenance costs

-unused spaces = clutter/dust/things you don’t need or use


A Senior Move Manager is not only for Seniors!

Downsizing and any other moves are our specialty!

We do everything but the actual move--which we can arrange and oversee!

Help from start to finish-we are here for your logistics AND emotions.


How Can a Professional Senior Move Manager Help?



Here are the steps to achieve these goals:


1. Sorting:

Determining what you need, what you want, and what you actually will have the space for. All of these aspects can be overwhelming, as downsizing is more than just a move. Professionals understand how difficult letting go can be and will be compassionate and objective to help you make decisions. We also bring a wealth of experience and connections to the process to help with selling, donating, junk removal, and handing down heirlooms. As Senior Move Managers, the Life Simplified team will manage the entire process and reduce the stress of the transition.


2. Logistics/Distribution:

Now that we have items sorted, we must distribute them to their appropriate places. We take the donations to their appropriate destinations, arrange for junk removal companies, have Auctioneer & E-bay Specialists on staff to sell any valuables that are not accompanying you to your next phase. We have even shipped family heirlooms to relatives who are not local.


3. Un-Packing:

Create systems, Remove empty boxes, Everything has a place!


Contact us today to learn more about how we assist you!

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