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Ten tips for a stress-free move

Ten tips for a stress-free move


According to The Telegraph, the average 10-year-old owns 238 toys and plays with just 12 of those daily. That is both a crazy statistic and a lot of toys to pack up when it comes to moving!

Decluttering is essential when it comes to moving to a new house and the earlier you can start the process the better. I believe even if a house move is just an idea you’re considering, then it’s time to declutter. Why? Moving is stressful and I’ve had clients trying to declutter and pack all in the week of the move. ​

Plus, decluttering your home before it goes on sale can help with the price it fetches, as does de-personalizing it. The house will seem bigger and prospective buyers will have an easier time imagining themselves living there.

My top ten tips once you’ve decluttered are:

  1. Don’t delay packing. I say that the last two weeks should be nothing but packing but start packing sooner if you can.
  2. Movers hate trash bags so use boxes and pack them so they can be sealed shut
  3. Ask friends and family for free boxes – wine boxes are great for compartmentalizing items
  4. Amazon has some great moving supply bundles, as does, Uhaul and Home Depot.
  5. Start with the attic, basement and any storage closets. These are less likely to impact your day-to-day living needs
  6. Color code boxes by room. It really helps when you get to the new home – your movers may not know who Bobby is, or what bedroom four is.
  7. Even though you’ve decluttered, still have a donate box and trash bag at hand. The less items you take that you’ll never use, the less your move will cost.
  8. Ask your mover if you can leave clothes in the drawers of your dresser. Most are fine with this and it gives you less to pack and unpack.
  9. Leave clothes on hangers when you pack them, so you can hang them straight into your closet at the other end. If you really want to, wardrobe boxes are great for this.
  10. Keep important and key documents with you so you know exactly where they are.

When you get to your new home be sure to unpack as soon as possible. I have helped clients unpack from house moves that happened five years ago. If you don’t do it straight away, you’ll end up leaving boxes unopened or not unpacking with any type of organization in mind – which means you won’t make the most of your new space. If you’re downsizing, then definitely heed this last point. You will not have space to waste.  

If you’d like to receive a copy of our full moving checklist, please email us at  And, if the thought of moving still fills you with dread, we can come and help with the whole process – from decluttering, to packing to unpacking.

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