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Step By Step Organizing with ADHD

Step By Step Organizing with ADHD

Can you believe its March! I'm over winter and looking forward to warmer weather!   I don't know about you but for me the warmer weather is better for my ADHD!  With the warmer weather I am able to get out and do something especially in this pandemic.  Being indoors with limited places to go, I get extremely restless or binge read a book.  Many people don't need to have ADHD to feel this way.   I will provide organizing tips that will help everyone, especially those people with ADHD.  

Organizing with few steps equal  overall success.  People with ADHD need few steps and little effort while organizing to be successful.  At times it may be hard to maintain the organization.  How do you stay organized?  Follow the 3R's in each room of your house.

  • REDUCE- what you have. 
  • RESOURCEFUL- when you have less you find creative ways to use your belongings
  • RESILIENT- If you don't have something you need don't get upset or rush out to buy more.

Where do you start to reduce?  

  • Take an inventory of the kitchen.  Donate excess Tupperware, Donate different size plates and get one size plate that can stack.
  • Reduce shoe collection- realistically you grab a shoe at the top of the pile then you look for the match which is at the bottom.  What happens the shoes get dumped and thrown around the room=clutter.  Reduce shoes to fit on a shoe rack for easy maintenance.
  • Expose Garbage cans to make throwing trash more convenient.  my kids could be sitting next to a trash can but it has a lid so the trash goes on the floor.  I removed the lid and now the kids can put  trash in more easily!  It's crazy but that extra step was a stopping point for my kids.  If you notice trash is falling all over does a trash can need to be placed in that room?
  • Streamline socks: Get rid of lost soles!  I bet you will  remove at least a TON of clutter! Those singles cause lots of clutter!  Start over with new socks.  If a sock becomes a single put in the drawer or on top of the bureau to be matched.  After 2 weeks toss the single.  Have the kids match the socks by making a game at of it.  Play music and set timer for 2 minutes. Who can match the most socks in that time.
  • Don't shred it all- Rip the paper in half.  Use an identity stamp that blacks out the information.  Shred only papers with social security numbers on it. 
  • Maintain paperwork- if you don't want to go paperless, put a bin the office to stack your papers/bills.  Put your paid bills in a single pile to be filed away at end of month.  Make sure to audit these files at the end of year for cleanup. 
  • Prioritize Playroom- Rotate toys or donate toys that the kids no longer play with our have outgrown. Put Toys such as Legos in shallow bins so kids wont have to dump. When it's time to clean up set a timer for 3 minutes and have kids race to see how much can be picked up in that time​.


  • GOLDEN RULE- Keep only what you have room for.  Schedule time on calendar to go through each room and declutter.  Start with what's on the floor then move to the surfaces.

  • Spend 3 minutes each day to walk around putting away any clutter you see.
  • LESS is more!  Buy only what you need
  • Set a routine
  • Ask for Help

As we  wrap up March, Let's continue on the path of organizing together.  Make sure to check out the seasonal organizing bundle checklists Life Simplified Seasonal Organizing Printables Collection or give me a call and I can set up some time to talk and discuss your organizing needs.

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