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Spring Organizing During COVID19

Spring Organizing During COVID19

The COVID19 sidelines everyone.  Are you working from home, teaching the kids with distance learning and taking care of the daily home tasks?  Are you overwhelmed or bored?  
The first week I was very grateful to spend time with my family and enjoy the nice weather.  Trying to organize all the kid’s homework emails felt like a fulltime job!  I feel Teachers are amazing!!  

Week two has been overwhelming and stressful for me.  The wet weather we are having here in PA doesn’t help!  The kids are adjusting to the two set times I have scheduled for their school work.  Not being able to work and get out really set in for me and the stress overwhelmed me.  After a good yoga session, I was able to focus on the positives of this crazy situation we are in.  My family time and finally completing the to do list that I wanted to get done.  
During the rest of this week and next week focus on
  1. Time Blocking set realistic times to tasks.  We use our Alexa to set timers
  2. Write a list of what you want done. Realize you have extra hands to delegate those tasks too!
  3. Communicating is Key!  
  4. Be realistic 

Here are some Organizing tips to help fill the time.

10 Minutes at a Time to Get Your Spring Organizing Done 

With the arrival of warmer temperatures and that fresh smell that makes you want to open all the windows, Spring motivates many of us to dust off the cobwebs, get rid of the clutter, and re-energize for the fun season ahead. 

At the same time, it can be overwhelming to make a list of all the things you want to do, especially in large spaces like a garage. Who has the time to dedicate a day or afternoon to cleaning and organizing? With that in mind, I’d like to share with you some manageable ways to make a difference in your home.

While waiting for the pasta water to boil…
Go through your spice rack or cabinet. Get rid of all those that have expired or that you simply don’t use.

Watching a Movie?
 Grab a garbage bag and a laundry basket and pick one room to attack.  Put anything that should be thrown away in the bag and any items that belong in another room in the basket. Continue with other rooms as time allows, replacing the misplaced items in their proper spots.

During a conference call…
Sort through (or even dump out) the items in your desk drawer. Put like items together and notice duplicates. How many pens or paper clips do you really need?  Put essential items back in the drawer and donate or trash what’s left over. Talk about a productive conference call…

  Next time, pull out all expired or outdated materials from your filing cabinet. What papers do you still need a file for? What filing system seems to work best for you?

Waiting for the kids to gather their jackets, shoes, and backpacks?
Take a quick look at your bookcase. Notice any books you can donate or share with a friend? Put them in separate piles to deliver on the weekend.

As you can see, so much can be done in ten-minute spurts. You’ll be crossing off that list in no time – and be able to spend any extra time on something you really enjoy.

We’re all in a similar boat, in unchartered waters, so let’s do our best to stay positive, be smart and safe!

Check out my full list of Spring Organizing tasks here and email me with any questions – or to let me know how it’s going! Happy Spring!

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