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Spring Cleaning Part 2: The Garage

When those warm spring days occur are you digging out the kids bikes, garden tools or the grill?   

My own garage is a small space, not big enough for a car, but big enough to hold our holiday decorations, 3 Kayaks, gardening equipment, snowblower and lawn mower! Even the kids bikes and sporting equipment!  How do we do it? Very strategically!  We built shelving and use all  the vertical space!  We hang anything that can be hung on the wall! 

Getting ready for summer:
Take advantage of a warm weekend and organize for summer!  The snowblower gets the gas drained and moved to the back of the garage.  The sleds and other winter items get moved to the back.  Then I bring anything for summer forward for easy access!
Now it's time to ask the hard questions.  For instance, do the bikes still fit the kids? Do they need a tune up?
​I set up the bike station so that the kids have easy access to their favorite summer wheels, helmets etc.  I move the garden items down from the top shelf and set up an easily accessible garden station.

This spring, follow my four easy steps and get your garage, shed or storage area ready for the summer:

1) Purpose. Determine what the purpose of the space is.  Do you need to fit a car in?  Do you need a work station for car, building, or gardening stuff? Is it a holding space for all the water activities? Is it a holding space for bikes and all the parts? Will it hold camping gear? Is it a kid storage space too?

2. Layout. Once you figure out the space the next step is to determine the layout.  Poisons, gas, oil, chemicals need to be kept out of reach of kids. Do you have a high space for those items?  Think vertical spaces, there are lots of products that will keep garage items off the ground.

3. Sort. Do you need to keep the broken lawn equipment? NO! How many soccer balls do you really need?  Make categories of like items, then determine how much space you have. Do you have room for them all? Are you keeping items that you don’t really use?

4.  Organize. This is the fun part!  Create a tool area, garden area, storage area, outside activities and bike area – or whatever area you need, be it camping, or sports area,

Products to make it easy to be organized.
Here are few of my favorite Garage Products:

I also love this company for garage storage solutions. You can do it yourself and pick and choose the pieces you want

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