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Spring Cleaning Part 1- Closets

This time of year, I love changing around my closet: Dare I say it? Putting away my winter clothes to make room for my spring and summer outfits.
Now is the time to really focus on the closet:* What did you not wear this past season?  
*Do you love the items?* Do they fit and are they in style?   

There are so many charities in need of clothing this is the time to donate!  Your closet is your prime real estate. Only items you use every day or on a monthly basis should be front and center. 
The ”on an occasion” items need to be in the back of the closet or in a container. 

These are the perfect items for an under the bed storage container. 
This applies to shoes and handbags.  
The clothes in "that size above" or "below"  should not be dominating your space, keep the key pieces and donate the rest.  Remember if you don’t love it donate it!  
There is No just in case! 

If you can’t store off season clothes under the bed, attic or storage closet, see if you have room in another bedroom closet.

Here are 3 top clothes storage options for under the bed: 

SmartCube Underbed Storage Bag 3 Large Under-the-Bed Storage Bins with Reinforced Handles Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bags and Containers by NestNeatly
There are also numerous options for donation:
Thred up-will send you a bag and you mail back or you can even consign!
The Reel Reel
Green Drop
Locally - check churches especially those with thrift shops 
Grands stepping up
Clothes Mentor
Junior League Thrift (check your local)
Liberty Thrift (check local thrift shops)

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