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School is Out & Summer Organizing is your Best Friend

School is Out & Summer Organizing is your Best Friend

Can you believe it’s June? School is almost out, graduations have taken place and summer vacation and camps are starting.  I find parents fall into two groups. The ones that are running for the wine and beer, dreading the next three months and the ones that are excited to be spending the next few months with the kids.
I fall into the later. I love making memories. Trips to the pool, beach and museums. Time for projects. What I don’t enjoy though is the sibling rivalry and the ‘’I'm bored" comments.

To counter that, we spend time together planning out our ‘summer bucket list’ as soon as school is out.   I ask each one what they’d love to do this summer. We put together a fun list of summer to dos. Our list usually contains a trip to the movies (or two), bowling, trips to the beach, kayaking, paddle boarding and at least one museum. We even include things like riding our bikes and blowing bubbles.

Check out this pin if you need some inspiration.

Saving memories from the school year
I am so amazed by all the work the kids complete throughout the school year. Now is the perfect time to go through the pile of work and create a system that works, especially if you find your pile is pretty high right now!

The kids and I go through all the school workbooks, notebooks folders and worksheets that come home and we pull out any written stories or favorite comments and then recycle the rest.  We take the saved sheets, report cards, certificates and memories and place them in a file folder and label the grade on it. We then store in a file box or small container.

It’s important to get your children involved, especially when it comes to which school art projects and papers to keep. They may not like the ones you do. Let them pick out their favorite artwork. It’s fun to frame the top pick and even frame and give away some of them to family members. Store the rest with the other items from the year. Switch out the artwork as often as you like. If this seems too daunting, I love this system. It enables you to keep your kids' precious artwork and school memorabilia from toddler to 12th grade organized (no more crazy piles!)

Keeping organized over the summer break
Keep a loose routine so the chaos doesn’t take over your home.  Have summer reading and chores done in the morning before camp or any play happens.  Keeping organized will help you make the most of the long summer days. And remember, take time to enjoy the birds chirping, the sun setting late, the kids creative playing and summer barbecues. 

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