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Organizing Strategies For Wrapping Up The                                               Holidays

Organizing Strategies For Wrapping Up The                                               Holidays


From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!  For all who celebrated Hanukkah ​I hope you had a great holiday.  This year the holidays will be different with the pandemic restrictions, but make the most of the holiday.  Celebrate and enjoy this time with family making memories.  Enjoy the little things!  ​


Our Christmas will be very different this year!  My 96 year old Grandmom who runs Christmas Eve and hosts Christmas will be staying in Florida this year.  This fun family tradition will be missed but I would rather keep my grandmom safe.  My kids love the idea of staying home and not running from house to house on Christmas Day.  

Don't be alone or disappointed this holiday season.  Create a zoom call dinner or a zoom call while opening presents with family. Play a game via zoom with family members.  Create new memories and traditions while staying safe!

The one tradition I still follow since I was a kid was keeping the decorations up till the 3 Kings in January.  Many people take the tree down on Christmas and take the rest of the decorations down between Christmas and New Years.  No matter when you take the decorations down keep them organized to make it easier for you next year.  Check out the Putting Christmas Decorations checklist that is below.

The holidays cause quite a bit of clutter.  That's just the nature of the holiday.

I'm going to level with you; no matter how much decluttering you do, the holidays are always going to be stressful. That's just the reality of being an adult at Christmas time.  Contact me today to get set up with post-holiday decluttering! 
P.S. Please feel free to check out some of the free holiday decluttering resources that I have on my site! They include information about how to put your Christmas decorations away, a Christmas Countdown checklist, a Post-Holiday Checklist, and much more!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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