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Organize the Junk Drawer in Less than 30 Minutes

Organize the Junk Drawer in Less than 30 Minutes


Got 30 minutes? It’s time to stop, drop, and finally organize the junk drawer! 
Every house has got at least one (or four) junk drawers that are stuffed to the brim with miscellaneous cords, unnecessary nuts, nails, and bolts, dried out pens, and bills, old and new.

These drawers might seem innocent enough, but after a while, don’t you just want some order in even the tiniest spaces in your home? Whether your drawer is home to expired coupons, old Christmas cards, or an ancient VHS manual, it’s time to clear the clutter.

And guess what? You don’t need any fancy gear or expensive tools. All you need is 30 minutes to work through the clutter to ensure your home is full of everything you need...and nothing you don’t! 

Step 1: Empty the drawer.

Whoa, there’s that horde of Taco Bell hot sauce packets you grabbed a year ago! As soon as you empty out your drawer, you’ll notice that most of the stuff hasn’t been touched in months or maybe even years. Start by tossing anything and everything your family doesn’t use. If you haven’t needed it or thought about it within the past six months, you can probably throw it away or recycle it. Whatever you do, it’s got to go!

Step 2: Start sorting!

Notice any trends while you’re going through the junk drawer? Start sorting each item into piles so it will be easy to organize later. Whether you have an overflow of kitchen supplies, coupons, or pens and paper, put them in their proper piles so you can see exactly what you’ve got on hand. 

Step 3: Find a home. 

Now that you’ve sorted everything in the drawer into piles, you can easily find a proper home for each item. All those pens, paper clips, and sticky notes would be better off in the office. The coupons can easily be stored in a neat folder by your car keys—ensuring you always have current deals on-hand. 

Step 4: Organize the rest. 

Here comes the fun part! Remember earlier I said you don’t have to buy any tools to organize your drawers? Well, I meant it! For the remaining items that truly are miscellaneous, but still necessary, you can reuse pieces right in your kitchen that will help get the job done. Muffin tins, ice cube trays, candy dishes, and even makeup organizers are great tools to use for all those tiny knick-knacks!

Step 5: Make a plan & stick to it!

Organizing your junk drawer is the easy part. Now you have to keep it neat! Every week, take a peek in the drawer to ensure that your spouse or kids haven’t just thrown in random things here and there. When you check the mail, instead of tossing the junk that you don’t feel like looking through in the drawer, make a habit of actually sorting through it. A little bit of maintenance is all it takes to keep your home in tip-top shape. 

Speaking of maintenance, if your home needs a little TLC, but you have no idea where to begin, call me! Even a well-organized home will build up clutter and mess over time. It’s totally natural! That’s why it’s necessary to keep everything in your home organized by scheduling regular maintenance sessions. I want to help you bring joy back to the spaces you love. Book your FREE discovery call today by clicking here

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