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Managing the Chaos of Quarantining

 We are on day 39 of quarantine inPennsylvania. Are you binge watching TV Shows, exercising, eating lots of carbs or trying to work and teach your kids school work at the same time! For me I am managing this time by doing virtual exercise classe, taking family walks, doing lots of games and puzzles with my family.  The most stressful part of my day is trying to teach my kids their school lessons fortunately the teachers have been amazing and have been doing video lessons which have been a great help!

How is everyone managing this stressful time?

The reality of the times can be very stressful with that can bring lots of clutter and lots of angst. 
It’s OK during a pandemic not to be very productive but at the same time you don’t want to hoard messes of trash recycling or clutter. Understandably it is very hard to day in and day out try to maintain the kids toys and have them pick it all up but in the same hand you don’t want to have a disaster zone of a playland all over your house this will only create more havoc and more stress for you. Maintaining a routine and having the kids participate in fun ways of cleaning up by putting some fun music on and setting a timer see who can clean up the fastest in five minutes in a certain area. Another idea is to throw hula hoop down around bunch of toys and whatever in the whole hula hoop has to be cleaned up. Another thing is making a basketball game into it putting your arms as a hoop and having the kids shoot Legos or toys into your arms the land right into the toy bin the other thing is creating a sticker chart kids love stickers and being able to get a sticker after they complete a task. Another idea would be to have two toys out and once they’re done with them they have to put them back before they can get any other toys out or once they’re done with the activity they need to clean up before they can move on to something else. This could help from a massive cleanup at the end of the day.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

We’ve been doing lots of cooking obviously all three meals and snacks I feel like my kids are having massive growth spurt‘s at this time and they’re constantly hungry and needing food all the time so trying to promote healthy nutritious snacks for our family makes us  go into our kitchen a lot.  With those many trips into the kitchen I noticed different kitchen utensils or dishes or appliances that need to be replaced or that could be just recycled or donated so while you’re in between trips to the kitchen waiting for something to be cooked look around up in a drawer do you really need 10 spatulas do you need six whisks or is the whisk really broken and just need to be thrown out. Do you use the breadmaker or do you use the 10 different ninjas? Think about those types of things while you’re in the kitchen and grab the appliance you don’t use or the a broken utensil and donate it or recycle it. This way little things like this will help do you declutter your kitchen.
 On those rainy days where you hear the constant I’m bored from the kids, I hear it too at my home! To stop the complaining is to play game of  empty the pantry and get rid of the foods that you don’t use or that will be expiring soon and you won’t eat it is to donate to food pantries.  Create systems that work for you if snacks or more important have them at easy access if you need to have them higher ups a little hands don’t keep constantly getting them, rearrange that. if you don’t feel like tackling the pantry you could also tackle say your cookbooks or the game closet these little things you could do there would take half hour on a rainy day or on any day.                

Stay Strong!

Remember I’m here for you if you want to just send me a quick text or shoot me an email or give me a call I am here as a resource or as a venting space if you need to just vent or if you have a question about what can I do with all these things or my kids or help me clean up what can I do I’m here for you just reach out. And don’t forget to schedule a session if you need some help starting in June.

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