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Maintenance Programs You Never Knew You Needed

You have a personal trainer, lawn service, cleaning service -
time to add peace of mind!

Congratulations!  You have an organized closet, kitchen, office and garage and use them all on a daily basis. A month has gone by since you worked with a professional organizer, and  OOPS! the chaos of daily life has taken over and all systems have flown out the window. Having professionals on a weekly/monthly basis is an investment in your personal spaces, as well as, peace of mind.  

Weekly or monthly appointments help reset our busy lifestyles!  Having an organizer come frequently keeps the systems in place and helps find new and creative solutions to other areas. 
One weekly client initially hired us to Organize her basement after everything from a garage renovation had to be placed there.  We first created sections, purchased basement storage shelving and lots of labels.  We decluttered and donated several car loads of "stuff" and created functional spaces in an unfinished basement. Once the basement was completed---
She realized I could help her create Organizing systems and function throughout her house! 
As of last week, we had tackled every room and had moved onto to any piece of furniture that had drawers and created purpose and function for each drawer! 

Each week the client has her counters, surfaces, drawers or closets organized! 

Sometimes, especially with seasons changing, tweaks to clothes need to be done, very soon, we will be switching clothes around for the whole family.  There are times that there is not a designated space we are working on.  We may walk into a room, see surface clutter, return it to it's rightful homes or create a home for the items.  We may walk from a pile of mail to box of pet supplies that need to be stored away and organized.  This busy mom has peace of mind, she knows where everything is now.  She doesn’t buy more stuff that she doesn't need.  She can tell when an autoship of cleaning supplies needs to be paused.  The kiddos know where all the toys should be and even help put them away.  The cleaning lady is now able to clean more efficiently without having to declutter first . 

A Professional/Personal Organizer is there to listen, set up systems and offer support for decision making. 

A weekly/monthly maintenance program is there to keep you on track or find new & helpful insights.

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