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Letting Go!

Letting Go!


​I went away for a quick 3-day vacation with my husband.  This trip taught me a valuable lesson, not be so rigid and stuck to a schedule.  Let me rewind a moment, my idea for my big decade change birthday was to enjoy Nashville with my husband, just the two of us. ​

Since I was extremely busy with work, and my husband has the airline account I trusted him to book the entire trip!  I LET GO OF CONTROL (gasp).

The day before the trip I was so stressed out that nothing was planned, and we would miss out on everything.  My friends told me to relax and enjoy the trip, everything will work out.  My friends were so right.  Having no schedule and pre-bought tickets allowed us not to have to rush through a museum or fly through town to meet the next time ticket.  We were able to soak in the culture of the city, ask locals where to go, and most importantly enjoy the music scene.

​I realized having a schedule with kids is important but it’s ok to let go of my type A personality and just enjoy the trip!  This trip was the best gift I could get for my 40th birthday. Taking a break from the a rigorous scheduled every once in a while, will allow you to actually sit back and enjoy life. 

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