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High School Graduation Gift Guide

Congratulations! Someone close to you has Graduated High School and is College Bound!
The go-to gift is always Money or Gift Cards, of course,
but what about including something exceptionally useful with your financial gift?

We, as professional organizers, are always looking for the practical and simple gifts.
Here are a few we have found to be incredibly useful (and love to recommend) for the college bound student:
Label Maker: Best Gift Ever! You will be shocked at how useful it will be.
Tool Kit: Have they ever even used a hammer or screwdriver? Include some DIY lessons
First Aid Kit: Boo-Boo’s still happen to College Students!
Laundry Necessities: Detergent/Dryer sheets/Stain Stick and a great hamper
Command Hooks etc.: Don’t want to end up paying any fines at end of semester-protect those walls
Organizing Calendar: The overlooked necessity!
Congratulations to All and Here’s to a Safe & Simplified Summer!

Live Life Simplified

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