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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us!


This month we will be celebrating 10 years in business!  It’s been an amazing journey and we have loved helping people move, consolidate, organize, donate and purge! As we continue to grow and help people with many of these needs, we have also been helping the elderly as they transition from their homes to assisted living facilities.


Although many of our jobs find us dirty and in need of a massage, we also have a ton of fun!


We wanted to share 10 of our favorites with you to celebrate this milestone:


1. Been stuck in a storage locker and had to wait over 30 minutes for someone to notice!


2. Organized a closet full of skeletons! (yes Halloween decorations haha)


3. Organized Bunny & Dog Rooms—their clothes and accessories need to be coordinated too you know! Oh, and of course there was the entire room of Alpaca fur!


4. The Raquel Welch collection that required the “white glove” treatment


5. Dogs love us too! We have had dogs jump into our van after filling it with donations-guess no one wants to see us leave!


6. Learned about vintage firearms and how best to pack and store them (there are legal regulations).


7. Always fun to watch our fearless leader Annie Kilbride interviewed on TV and quoted in several newspaper & newsletter articles, or teaching at the local community college.


8. Had to wear a gas mask to work with hazardous materials.


9. Guiding those with special needs feel comfortable enough to talk to and work with us


10. We have helped over 470 people to date and cannot wait for what is next!



Thank you to all our loyal customers you are truly appreciated and to those we have yet to help: we are ready give us a call!



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