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Growth in 2020

Growth in 2020


What is your word for 2020

My word for the year is Growth
I am welcoming 2020 with open mind

I want to help more people, teach others, provide more resources and to have my blog reach many more people who struggle with clutter

Growth is not only for my business but for me personally!  One can never stop learning and growing especially when you have a soon to be teenager!

What is your word? My Goal for you in 2020 is Simplify

Start Simplifying 

No more resolutions:

  • Set realistic and timely Goals
  • Walk through the house make a list of what needs to be repaired painted moved are decorated. Prioritize the list and set a time frame.
  • Don’t try To change too much at once. set one goal for the month

Start good habits

  • its lack of sleep is a problem set a new bed time and wake up time create a sleep Journal
  • commit to going through mail at least once a week using the one touch system throwing out junk mail and prioritizing the other pieces of mail
  • put your merge and see paperwork important documents in a fire safe box
  • at your computer up for automated remote backup

Start the year fresh

  • put a charity box or bag on each floor your house drop unwanted items in the bag or box and once it's full drop off at donation center or arrange a pick up
  • the magazine rack should get purged now and if you haven't read it by now you're not going to decide which subscriptions need to be cancelled
  • winter is a great time to clean out the pantry and freezer by only the staple goods like milk eggs and bread for a few weeks in use up the other items

Hope this is a year where you accomplish all the goals that you genuinely care about. And if not, I hope you have the tools to step back and adjust accordingly!

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