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Green Living Hacks for Your Home

Green Living Hacks for Your Home


When your family notices that you’ve started to pull the cleaning supplies out from under the cabinet, do they suddenly...disappear? Whether it’s our little ones, our teenagers, or even our partners, clean up time can be an unfavorable occasion for any household.
Before you scoff and exclaim, “Fine, I’ll do it alone!” Remember, you shouldn’t have to, and with the proper systems in place, you can create streamlined methods that the entire family can get behind!

After working with countless clients and all of their unique circumstances, I’ve noticed one trend that can help turn the chaos into clean, livable spaces. It’s simple, go green! Creating a home environment that’s good for our planet can actually make household chores a whole lot easier.

Prep Ahead

Think meal prepping is only for fitness fanatics? Think again! Meal prepping is a fantastic way to ensure that your family doesn’t waste food, and it also allows you to create a week’s worth of meals at once, so you don’t end up washing dishes three times a day! 

To start, buy your family reusable stainless steel containers that can stand up against the thrashing at the bottom of backpacks, purses, and briefcases. Next, bring the gang together to choose the types of meals you’d like to eat. Get everyone involved in the cooking process, and neatly store all of your food in your reusable containers! With nifty labels that make it easy to see who the meal belongs to and what’s inside, your fridge will look immaculate, and your family will be pleased. 

Go Paperless 

Bills, bills, bills, junk mail, and more bills—checking the mail can really be a drag. Instead of leaving heaps of mail littered around your home, go paperless! We’re in the digital age, and just about every bank and utility company will allow you to opt out of physical bills. Simply sign-on to your online portal and ask for paperless statements! You’ll save trees, minimize clutter and stress, and you’ll have an easier time creating your own method for bill organization so that an already taxing task doesn’t become even more frustrating. 

Save Our Water

Are you tired of seeing half-empty water bottles everywhere you look? They’re on your nightstand, under the car seats, and on the kitchen counter. Every time you see them, it reminds you of wasted money, and more importantly, wasted water! 

Instead of pouring this precious resource down the drain, gather the half-empty bottles and use them to hydrate your garden, water the plants, or replenish your pet’s water bowl. After you’ve collected all the water bottles, opt for a water-purifier so your family can drink fresh water straight from the tap—and never buy plastic water bottles again! 


Aluminum cans, cardboard, and glass bottles—those are the obvious choices when it comes to recycling at home. But did you know you can also recycle old magazines, shoes, and clothing? Chances are, your family has a lot of ‘stuff’ that goes untouched for most of the year. Instead of letting these miscellaneous items sit around and collect dust, you can recycle or donate them! Help eliminate waste from our landfills, and clear the clutter from the kids’ bedroom floor. 

Live Simpler

The biggest lesson we can learn about going green is that less is more! Sometimes, we all have to take a moment to unlearn what we think we know about how we should eat, shop, and live on this big ‘ol planet. When we buy less, we also spend less, waste less, and create less of a mess in the sacred spaces of our home! So, consider going green for our planet...and your wellbeing.

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