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Gift Giving made Easy

It is so easy to get lost in the stress of the holidays. Not to mention the financial burden and pressure to give the perfect gift! There are so many ways to your your loved ones how much you care without cluttering up their lives. Give the gift of experiences & memories to show how much you care. The following are our top 13 sure to please ideas: 1. Donation in someone's name: a family in need, food pantry, Wreaths across America, so many worthy causes 2. Lottery tickets: who doesn't love a good "scratcher"? 3. Experiences: Water Park tickets, Snow tubing, Ice Skating, Classes, Concert tickets, A Play, Show, City tour, etc. 4. On Line Gaming Gift Card: i.e. Steam 5. Service for a Day: House Cleaner, Chef, Painter, Laundry Service, Pet Walker 6. Commuter Gift Cards: Bus, Train, Gas 7. Grocery or Food Delivery Service Gift Card: even Omaha Steaks 8. Wine Enthusiast?-Wine Club; Beer Enthusiast?-Beer Club; Fruit Lover?-Fruit Club: you get the idea 9. Visa/MasterCard or Target Gift Card: One size fits all 10. Family Calendar with phots from the past year: a Grandma Favorite 11. Memberships: Zoos, Museums, Amusement Parks 12 Magazine Subscription 13. Gift Card Possibilities are Endless: Home improvement stores, seminars, restaurants, hotels, casinos - most can even be purchased online Planning a family vacation?--wrap up those tickets or the print out of the confirmation with a fun picture of the location! Most importantly take time to be together and Enjoy each other. Happy Holidays from the Life Simplified team!
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