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Falling in Love With Your Home

Falling in Love With Your Home


Are you ready for a five-minute challenge that could transform your home? Yep, you read that correctly. In just five minutes you can take one huge step in decluttering your home. Wanna know the best part? You can get the kids involved too!

You should be able to enjoy the items in your home without feeling bogged down by the clutter. And in five minutes you can create habits that will tidy your space and ease your mind!

Let's Get Started, Here is the 5 minute Challenge


Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe space where you can relax and get away from it all. But if you live in a space with no order, it can be difficult to actually unwind, even when you’re within the walls of your own home.

You should be able to enjoy the items in your home without feeling tense when you spot clutter. It’s about time to make space for the things you love!

Quickly glance at the surface areas in your home. Are there items that you like but don’t love? Do you have a beautiful picture of your family with no place to put it? Are all your surface areas covered with things?

Congratulations, you just conquered phase one of decluttering!
Now it’s time to put on some music, grab a box or a bag, and set your timer for five minutes.

1. Pick a room, look at the surfaces, and ask yourself this: 

  • Do I use these items?
  • Does this item work?
  • Do I love this item?

If you answered no, it’s time to donate these items and let them go to someone who will make better use of them!

2. It’s not always easy to comb through your belongings, but when you have a common goal in mind, it makes it a lot simpler.

3. If you have a gift from someone you love, take a picture of the item and cherish the memory, not the item! Before you buy more ‘stuff,’ ask yourself, "will I use this?” And before you buy multiples of something, consider if you have a place to store them? Can you maintain them, and do you really need two?

4.  The key to success is finding a home for the items that you love!

‚Äč5. Schedule 5-10 organizing days on your calendar.

 6. Have an accountability partner.

7.   Work when you have the most energy.

8. Don’t tackle the whole space. Tackle one pile or shelf at a time

I hope you find these tips helpful as we journey together to live our best lives focused on the things that matter most.  Have a Happy Valentines Day.  Reach out to me if  you need help.

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