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Downsizing Tips for a Respectful Senior Move

Downsizing Tips for a Respectful Senior Move

Do you have a parent or senior in your life that will soon be moving & downsizing and you’re not sure how to approach the discussion?


The process of downsizing is not only labor intensive but also emotionally challenging. Seniors are being asked to part with items that have memories attached. It may make them feel like they are losing a piece of themselves.


Below are some of our most successful tips to help make the conversation & transition less overwhelming.


Be Respectful and Non-Judgmental Sentiment comes into play and sometimes tends to rule and overtake the downsizing project. This can cause time delays especially if the larger home has already sold and you are facing a time crunch.


We like to start with an easy conversation:


-What will fit in your new home? (a floor plan of the new place is helpful)


- What is your favorite/most comfortable couch? Can only fit one so must choose


- Breakfast Nook or Dining Room? Which table should you take



Then come the much harder decisions…. what to donate/sell/auction/trash OR THE BIG ONE…pass onto family members.


The easiest way to sort through these decisions is to tag each item and go room by room. Then have each family member discuss which items they would cherish having the most. You might be surprised as to “why” they want it.


The website Upcycle That uses this definition of upcycling: "The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. In doing so, the finished product often becomes more practical, valuable, and beautiful than what it previously was."


Memories are the hardest thing to let go of, especially if your senior parent is in the early stages of dementia. Most people have hundreds of old photos in books or frames that just will not fit into their new space. There are so many wonderful resources for scanning photos to make books and/or CD’s, collages, digital photo frames are great for taking up very little space but providing countless images to view.


A Certified Professional Senior Move Manager can help, not only with the logistics, but also the emotions involved.


Professional Senior Move Managers & Organizers are trained in all aspects of Senior Moves and are here to help make this emotionally difficult life transition less overwhelming. As members of NASSMM, we have access to countless resources.


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