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Creating Goals with your Children for Summer Break

Creating Goals with your Children for Summer Break

We all dream about the day we can turn our lives into an endless vacation. But scientists have actually proven that as much as this fantasy lives in our mind, we probably wouldn’t enjoy it too much if it became a reality.


Because having the freedom to do nothing all day doesn’t bring us joy. Purpose does—a reason to get up in the morning, a goal we’re working towards, challenging ourselves to become better than we are today. That’s what drives us.
This summer, it might be easy to let the kiddos run wild after a long school year. But after a little while, the joy of summer break will wear off, and you’ll hear nothing but, “mom, mOoOom, momma, mommy!!,” all summer long.

Maintain order, have fun, and help your kids create goals this summer with these tips!

  • Keep a schedule and stick to it! Sure, maybe the kids don’t have to wake up at the same time as during the school year, but their schedule should stay relatively the same. There’s nothing harder than getting them back in the groove come August and no-one wants to do all their summer reading the last week of summer vacation-a schedule will avoid that conflict.
  • Start a book challenge by taking the gang to the library. Using charts and stickers, track how many books your kids read. At the end of the summer, enjoy a pizza or ice cream party to celebrate.
  • Work together to create physical goals that will keep the kids active. From learning to ride a bike to practicing shooting hoops, it’s so important to get the kids off the couch by engaging them in activities that get their blood pumping.
  • As a family, pick a charity or organization you’ll donate your time to each week. Watch as your kids grow once they see the impact they can make on the world around them.
  • Create a family goal list of places you want to go, things you want to see, and experiences you want to enjoy together!

Creating goals with your kids over the summer is an easy way to keep them engaged, out of trouble, and full of purpose—100% ready to take on the new school year.

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