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Cassette Tapes May Make a Comeback...

Cassette Tapes May Make a Comeback...


… or maybe not.

​Thankfully, after 20 years, we’ve finally helped my parents unload a kitchen desk filled with very dated, useless, and overly cluttered items.  With the help of Professional Organizer, Annie Kilbride who owns Life simplified out of Havertown, PA, I spent a Friday evening supporting my parents as they began the task of purging my childhood home.

They don’t plan to move in the next handful of years, but the idea of scaling back on their STUFF is so daunting, that Annie’s help was beyond a blessing!  If it was just me with them, the neighbors would probably have called 911 due to the excessive yelling.  But with Annie’s presence, there was calmness, listening, learning, and improvement.

Take a look at the rest of this article on Delaware County Moms, written by Melissa A. about the work I did with her parents at their home.

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