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An organized kitchen equals an organized Christmas

An organized kitchen equals an organized Christmas


My family and I just took a wonderful trip to Disney World in Florida. We had a fantastic time in the sunshine and managed to miss the first snow of the season! Now we are back and it’s all pistons go as Christmas Day is just ten short days away.

I have been following my Holiday Checklist (you can download it here) and I am pretty on top of everything. This time of the year is always a juggling act with preparing for Christmas and all the wonderful events and traditions that take place this time of year, from school concerts to brunch with Santa, to riding around looking at all the amazing Christmas lights.

Calm during the chaos
For many people, the run up to Christmas brings clutter to the home, with empty boxes from gifts, wrapping paper and extra food, drink and goodies making their way into the home.

Christmas is probably the one time of the year where I let my home get a little more chaotic than usual. I always let the kids have their new toys and gifts out for a few days before we re-organize and de-clutter for the start of a new year. For me though, I find that as long as the heart of the home – the kitchen – is kept organized, then I feel calm and relaxed. Here are my top four tips for an organized Kitchen over the holidays:

  1. Clean out and re-stock of the pantry and kitchen cupboards. Before I buy my non-perishable items, I like to clear out all those items that I don’t need, or have slipped through the net and are out of date. Not only does this create room for the extra Christmas items (especially if you’re a baker) but also saves time come cooking time as everything will be well organized.
  2. Clean out of the fridge-freezer. I take the same approach with the fridge-freezer. A good clean out, clean and re-organization helps to create space. Quarter full jar of relish leftover from the summer anyone? 
  3. Take stock of bake-ware, pots and pans. After planning out my meal I do an inventory check to make sure I have all the kitchen equipment I need. I don’t know about you, but I get lured in to making some fancy new dessert or side-dish each year that I’ve seen on Pinterest! Come Christmas Day it can mean that there aren’t enough baking sheets or baking dishes for every accompaniment – not good for stress-levels!
  4. Drinks and goodies/food stations. From hot chocolate to eggnog, and from bowls of fruit to plates of gingerbread men, we always have more food and drink this time of year. Wit that in mind, I always create a space in my kitchen for everything to go. For us, a hot chocolate station is a staple in our house with all the items, such as marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. 

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