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2019: Organizing Tips For The New Year

2019: Organizing Tips For The New Year


No more resolutions!

  • Set realistic and timely goals.
  • Do a house ‘walk-through,’ and make a list of everything that needs to be repaired, painted, moved, or decorated. Prioritize this list and set a time frame.
  • Don’t try to change too much at once! Set one goal for the month, process your progress, and then go from there.

 Start creating good habits.

  • If getting ample amounts of sleep is a problem, set a new schedule, and start keeping track of your sleep patterns with a designated sleep journal.
  • ​Make a commitment to go through mail at least once a week. Using the one-touch system, throw out junk mail and prioritize important mail.
  • Store your paperwork and other important documents in a fire safe box.
  • ​​Set your computer up with automated updates and remote backup.

Start the year fresh.

  • Place a charity box/bag on each floor of your house. Drop unwanted items in, and once it's full, drop-off at a donation center or arrange for pick-up at your home!
  • ​Purge the magazine rack! If you haven't read it by now, chances’re probably not going to read it. This is the perfect opportunity to decide which subscriptions need to be canceled.
  • Winter is a great time to clean out your pantry and freezer. For a few weeks, try only purchasing the essentials (milk, eggs, bread), and use up the other items in your kitchen.

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