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10 Tips For Working From Home

10 Tips For Working From Home


Does it feel like you are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?  I do especially on the weekends!  I blinked and January flew by so fast.  This past month Life Simplified has been very busy helping 2 families organize their homes, organize a laundry room, and organize another person papers.  This past week a major house clean out was started.  

Besides helping clients in their homes, I have started Tuesday Organizing Challenge Videos on Social Media.  Check out the videos for organizing tips.  This week tip was managing the paper.  This is a crucial part of keeping things organized with everyone  working from home and kids doing school from home.

Here are 10 Tips for Working From home                               

‚Äč10 Tips For Working From Home

  • Keep a routine, let other household members know you are working
  • Get Dressed!!  Yes, that means no more PJS
  • If possible, fit the hours around you- if you are a night owl- work at night
  • Use a good desk chair- kitchen chairs are not meant for long workdays
  • Get outside to absorb the sun, talk to a person everyday
  • Reward yourself when you reach your goals
  • Do one thing at a time- multitasking can lead to mistakes
  • Look at emails 2xs a day turn off the notifications
  • Take a lunch break
  • Set boundaries- turn off work at set time, decompress at the end of the day.

If you still need some help getting organized email me to get started started.

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