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Get Ready for Summer Camp!
Get Ready for Summer Camp!

This summer, my family will be entering entirely new territory—Boy Scout and Girl Scouts’ sleep away camp! You could say the excitement and nerves are taking over my home for my 11 and 14-year-old. The Girl Scouts sent over a packing list which was tremendously helpful for a new sleep away camp mom. Fortunately, we were also able to ask a friend who went last... read more

My Family's Busy Bags
My Family's Busy Bags

When you’re at a restaurant, in the car, or headed to the beach, do your kids drive you crazy by fighting or by saying that they are bored?  I have found several variations of a busy bag/box on Pinterest, and created my own.  My bags have changed over the years these are my recommendations for keeping them away from electronics!My Restaurant Bag contains:Paper... read more

Creating Goals with your Children for Summer Break
Creating Goals with your Children for Summer Break

We all dream about the day we can turn our lives into an endless vacation. But scientists have actually proven that as much as this fantasy lives in our mind, we probably wouldn’t enjoy it too much if it became a reality.Why?​Because having the freedom to do nothing all day doesn’t bring us joy. Purpose does—a reason to get up in the mor... read more

High School Graduation Gift Guide

​Congratulations! Someone close to you has Graduated High School and is College Bound! The go-to gift is always Money or Gift Cards, of course,but what about including something exceptionally useful with your financial gift?We, as professional organizers, are always looking for the practical and simple gifts.Here are a few we have found to be incredibly useful (and love to recommend) for the college bound student: Label Maker: Best Gift Ever! You will be shocked at how useful it ... read more

Spring Cleaning Part 1- Closets

This time of year, I love changing around my closet: Dare I say it? Putting away my winter clothes to make room for my spring and summer outfits.Now is the time to really focus on the closet:* What did you not wear this past season?  *Do you love the items?* Do they fit and are they in style?   There are so many charities in need of clothing this is the time to donate!  Your closet is your prime real estate. Only items you use every day or on a monthly basis sh... read more

Spring Cleaning Part 2: The Garage

When those warm spring days occur are you digging out the kids bikes, garden tools or the grill?   My own garage is a small space, not big enough for a car, but big enough to hold our holiday decorations, 3 Kayaks, gardening equipment, snowblower and lawn mower! Even the kids bikes and sporting equipment!  How do we do it? Very strategically!  We built shelving and use all  the vertical space!  We hang anything that can be hung on the wall! Getti... read more

Three reasons to reconsider hiring a professional organizer

​Have you considered hiring a professional organizer but for one reason or another you have decided against it? You are not alone!  Many people think that hiring someone to get or keep them organized is foolish and unnecessary.  The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  Professional organizers are here to help you get your home in order, in a way that works best for your lifestyle. Many people outsource their house cleaning and lawn maintenance so why ar... read more

Great Deals Causes Clutter

What happens when you love to shop BUT hate to organize?  Or don’t have the time or the energy to deal with what you buy?All those “great deals” becomes clutter when we bring it into the home and don’t have a place to put it right away or purge something else to make room for it.  What happens most of the time the items stay hidden in a bag we let it pile up and up!   Then there is t a problem.Too much stuff, with no place to put it, leads to clutter a... read more

Managing the Chaos of Quarantining

 We are on day 39 of quarantine inPennsylvania. Are you binge watching TV Shows, exercising, eating lots of carbs or trying to work and teach your kids school work at the same time! For me I am managing this time by doing virtual exercise classe, taking family walks, doing lots of games and puzzles with my family.  The most stressful part of my day is trying to teach my kids their school lessons fortunately the teachers have been amazing and have been doing video lessons which have bee... read more

Spring Organizing During COVID19
Spring Organizing During COVID19

The COVID19 sidelines everyone.  Are you working from home, teaching the kids with distance learning and taking care of the daily home tasks?  Are you overwhelmed or bored?  The first week I was very grateful to spend time with my family and enjoy the nice weather.  Trying to organize all the kid’s homework emails felt like a fulltime job!  I fe... read more

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